The team focused on building a framework for the future of the game. Here are the highlights of what we’ve accomplished leading up to 2022:

  • Reworking game code to facilitate future growth and additional features.

  • Improving the Demo, developing the gameplay loop, and defining game scope.

  • Building infrastructure for a thriving community.

  • Preparing our first ever generative project, called “Cryptonom Pix”, that lays the groundwork for this community and helps secure funding for the coming quarters.

Phase 1:

  • Firstly we plan to put our preparations and website to the test with the launch of Pix. Stay tuned for some small but exciting community events!
  • After that, we want to move forward with Early Access: The first chance to play and experience the finished gameplay-loop.
  • Be sure to secure your spot now since we have exciting things planned for this big milestone!

Phase 2:

  • Building on Early Access and the feedback we collect from it, we plan on expanding and enhancing the core gameplay.
  • During this timeframe we also want to put our servers to the test, ensuring our platform is secure so that everyone can enjoy the game.

Of course we plan to keep things interesting during this time… so hang in there!

Full speed ahead:

  • Starting off, we will add the first major gameplay-expansion featuring Paths, Late-Game content, and the first set of new, playable NOMs.
  • This will also be the time we move into Pre-Season to prepare for what comes next as we move through the beginning of the year!
  • After all Pre-Season preparations are finished we will introduce many themed Seasons, the first of which, the Season of Origin, will officially start the World Story.
  • After that, we will build on fleshing out the world, factions, blockchain-based gameplay, item releases, and many more fun additions we have to keep to ourselves for now.

 *Please keep in mind that roadmap milestones can shift and change but we will do our best to meet these goals!