Take part in the Beginning

Cryptonom Pix is our first ever generative project that combines a light-hearted story with community-driven utility, all packed into beautiful and cute hand-drawn artwork. Scroll down to learn more or click here to join in!

The Story

During the construction of Aethos, the central landmark, aka The Hub, Trainers and NOMs alike gathered at the end of each Season to celebrate their accomplishments, to meet fellow Trainers, to engage in fun activities and participate in friendly competition.

In time these customs would evolve into what the locals call “The Grand Festival of Aethos,” which is still celebrated to this day.

Initially, news about the Festival was shared across the land by word of mouth. More than a few decades in, organizers found new ways to promote it. One of the most popular, Pix, gave attendees tangible keepsakes commemorating the Festival in the form of beautiful, full color photo quality renderings.

If you’ve attended this celebration of Aethos or know someone who has, then you’ve probably heard of Snap and Digi. Both are premiere Pix artists, the best Aethos has to offer, a fact which did not go unnoticed by the Overseers who purchased all of their work, intending to distribute it to Trainers.

How to participate

Overseers will distribute NFTs (called Mint Passes) throughout different mint Phases. A Mint Pass can be exchanged for unique Pix whenever a Pass owner chooses, allowing you to control the pace of your participation and to pay the lowest fees possible.

In addition, you and the community will help each other in unlocking more functionality for each NFT. We think it’s important to have functionality feeding back into the game, so expect to help actual game-development and to enhance future gameplay simply by participating. Both Mint Passes and Cryptonom Pix NFTs can provide utility, so don’t rush to exchange those Passes too soon!

Each Pass will feature 1 of 3 different Types:

  • Standard Mint Pass
  • Community Mint Pass
  • Founders Mint Pass

The Pass Type is determined by the Phase in which it is minted. You can read more about this below.

Important: Apart from visual differences, all Passes are treated the same. The only exception is that Founders Mint Passes guarantee Early Access Admission from the start. 

Added Utility and Community Features

Added to the base utility of exchanging a Mint Pass for a Pix NFT, Pix offers special community features that are unlocked based on how many Pix are sold. The more the community engages, the more we can speed up development, the more we can give back to you!

Milestones are as follows:

At 750 claimed: Early Access Admission for ALL Pass Holders

At 1500 claimed: First ever Grand Tournament where Pass Holders compete for great prizes (ETH, ENJ, ultra rare in-game items & more)

At 2500 claimed: We will create a unique Questline centered around the Festival for all Pix Holders

At 3250 claimed (SOLD OUT): At this big Milestone look for some exciting additions to the future of the game to honor our community:

1. We will MAX out the Grand Tournament prize-pool for Contestants to make this milestone a true celebration!
2. Every Cryptonom Festival Event from now on will feature a special Tent for all Pix Holders offering a casual activity that will contain a different mode of playing!

Mint passes sold


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Current Sale Phase:
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To claim your Pass simply click the Button and it will lead you to the Minting Page.