Be part of the next generation

Train your own Squad, compete for Great Rewards and walk your own Path

Cryptonom is a blockchain-based monster-capture game where you truly own your game-assets.

Discover beautiful Zones, handcrafted stories and exciting combat.

Begin building relationships with other players while participating in a player-owned economy.

Ready to be a Trainer?

What awaits you in the full game


Discover a variety of environments, encounter exciting characters and interact with other Players


Explorers are driven by curiosity. They blaze trails. They see paths others don’t see. They discover unseen places and have the ability to find the rarest of resources.


Find and train unique NOMs


Build up your own Squad. Guardians take great care in defending and progressing their NOMs to the highest standard. They are famous throughout Aethos for raising the best quality NOMs available.


Strengthen your NOMs and engage in exciting combat


Champions burn with ambition and are at their best when they are in battle. They make exceptional fighters and draw out the strength of their Squad like no other Path.


Refine your rewards into even greater treasures and let them aid you to victory…
or cash them in for a big pay-out


Architects are experts in creation. They build incredible structures and use their crafting talent to refine resources into the highest grade items.


Interact with others, Walk the Paths and become part of the Community


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Truly own and control what you earn by playing – fully secured on the Enjin Platform



Obtain NFTs and Crypto prizes you can win by playing the game


Reach Path Milestones, Climb the ranks and influence the world in this dynamic, player-owned game

Overseers are the biggest organization in Aethos and shape everything through their supervision and regulations


Make your own choices and control your destiny on where your Path takes you.
Do you switch sides or do you stay the course?

FUDsters are lawless and delight in hindering others

Download the Demo to get a first glance at what's to come