Get a first glance at the game through our Demo:

Currently the Demo is only available for Windows & Linux desktop computers

Rookie Checklist:

  • Engage in Wilderness Exploration by way of a Tile in each Zone. Access Zones through Gates. 
  • Exploration can become dangerous so the Overseers put safety measures in place. To prevent losses, use the “Rescue Call” option, otherwise your NOMs may become unable to battle, requiring a costly “Emergency Rescue”.
  • Each NOM has a unique and powerful xV Skill which can turn the tide in battle. Once your NOM’s blue health bar is full its xV Skill is good to go, but beware, it’s not always best to use an xV Skill the moment your NOM acquires it! [coming soon]
  • You are welcome to make videos, stream or clip content from this game but do not share your install.
  • You will be banned from our community for cheating or botting, at which time your benefits will be forfeited and revoked.
Minimum System RequirementsRecommended Requirements:
* OS: 64bit Microsoft® Windows® 7 / SteamOS * OS: 64bit Microsoft® Windows® 7 / SteamOS
* Processor: 64bit 2.0 GHz CPU * Processor: Dual Core 64bit 2.0 GHz CPU
* Memory: 512 MB RAM * Memory: 1GB RAM
* Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 integrated graphics card * Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 dedicated graphics card
* Storage: 500 MB available space * Storage: 1GB available space
* Internet connection * Internet connection